Frequently Asked Questions

Community and Membership

Do I have to pay to join? 

No! The P.I.E community is hosted on a Bettermode Platform (Facebook/Linkedin Style posting) and is free to join. Here you can gain access to other proposal professionals, access our free downloadables, discuss critical and not so critical issues in the industry, earn badges and more. This intentially inclusive community has been built to advance the careers and skills of all proposal professionals and advance the industry through education, advocacy and diversity. Our community has a paid member option (Bakers Corner) which provides proposal professionals with even greater access to courses, digital certifications, and advanced presentations by paid speakers. The support of these members allow us to continue to bring content to all professionals.

Why was P.I.E founded?

P.I.E believes that being a proposal professional can be a rewarding carreer. Due to a lack of understanding of the roles potential, many professionals experience demanding deadlines, unpaid scope, confusing role requirements and more. Our goal is to educate and upskill our members, bring diverse views and experience to solve problems and increase industry awareness and advocate for the industry. Plus we have a lot of fun making videos, stickers and having good conversation with a great people.

Is there help for proposal professionals?

Absolutely. We encourage you to join our community to ask any questions you are concerned about. We have some of the top minds in the industry as well as diverse set of experiences. Out of work, we have a job board for your review. Need access to new strategies in proposals we have the Bakers Corner, a paid area for certification of your proposal knowledge. We also have limited annual memberships that we provide for free (no questions asked) to members that need access to the courses but can't sign up for a membership at this time. If you need a free membership contact us at

How can I get involved? 

Well you can join.. the community always needs more voices. We also have our Bakers Dozen, up to 13 members from across the industry that help advise us on community issues, industry direction and support the community through advice and presentations. Attending some of our open discussion events also allows you to teach and learn through interaction.

Do you have something that is valuable to the industry, do you want to talk about it? We offer monthly sessions for our members and bring interesting topics to their attention. Sessions that are only for paid members could even be paid speaker roles. In either case, we will promote and enhance your presence in the industry through our members and marketing systems.